Hello 2024, Trusting the Elevation!

Stop D.E.T.O.X

Deepening Every Tie Over eXamination

As I started on this month’s journey I started to rethink how I felt about going on a D.E.T.O.X for my physical health. I’ve been through months of feeling tired and weighed down. I figured new month new goals as we sometimes think, right?

Well this thought process hit very different as I made my energy shake and tea then headed off to work. I was good the first half of the day then around noon I felted the heaviness of sleep hit! I thought to myself, first day of my detox, where did my energy go?

Let’s talk about D.E.T.O.X meaning Deepening Every Tie Over eXamination. What Tie are we talking about? We all can think of many things that we are tied to that most times is more hurt than help to us. Many times we get caught in the tie (social ties, soul ties, financial ties) and we are not able to see that it’s not beneficial. It’s good in the moment until…

1-Something shifts and it becomes toxic for us. We sometimes can’t see the harm when we are so deeply tied to it. And other times we can see it but we don’t want to acknowledge it.

2-It is so good to our soul that we cannot live without it. We all have experienced this category in multiple ways, I won’t linger.

3-Access granted goes wrong! The credit card is good at first then we began to mismanage our finances and then…great credit becomes bad credit.

Those are just a few but I challenge you to pull yourself away from the thing and stop D.E.T.O.X. Turn away from that thing long enough to look back and give it a true examination! Some things may be too deeply rooted and we might need a doctor to give us a “X-ray”. Take your problems before God our problem fixer! Allow Him to uncover your natural eyes and increase your spiritual vision over your life! Know your limitations and take back control! Your destiny awaits your obedience!


Stop DETOX and be Healed!

~Embrace H.E.R -Heal, Edify, Reassure~

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