Hello 2023, The Year of the Promise!

“Go Where You Can Grow”

We all have heard the saying “Go where you can grow”. It’s easier said and read then actually carried out. How many times have you taken on a new adventure because of the saying “Go Where You Can Grow”?

Let’s stop here for a real reflection because we have some of us who will say we never have and we give it “another” saying…then we have those like me that have But…hold that thought.

When we take on the journey with God, He will instruct us to where we should plant our feet and blossom into what He has for us. It’s like playing Hopscotch as a kid in the hood…we didn’t always play in the summer with shoes on! We use to kick off those flip flops and hop…1, 2-3, 4, 5-6 and so on. Well, summers in SC are HOT and the ground is scorching. Here we are hoping along and left our shoes behind! This is how it happens when we Go Where We Can Grow with God’s direction!

We go forth and the road doesn’t always give us peace and happiness. It gives us greater strength, greater revelation, and greater opportunities to fuel the Growth that needed to happen in us! It may seem like playing hopscotch on a hot summer day without shoes on! Hoping along 1 foot then 2 feet, it builds endurance, patience, and perseverance!  When we go forth it is not meant to be a pretty ride, it is meant to get us a little dirty and cause a little heartache. However, in the end it grows something in us for the God assignment ahead! Go Where You Can Grow so that God’s assignment can be carried out by the BETTER you! Be Encouraged, Go Forth!

Dmarie Speaks Destiny

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